What makes LifeBrain® different from other life insurance quoters?

LifeBrain is more than just a quoter, it is a full sales system with the best life insurance quoting tools available in the market. Not only can you run term quotes in the quoter, but you can also run simplified issue, Guaranteed UL and final expense right from a single interface.  You can also, when working with a qualified BGA, complete eApps, Drop Tickets and more in a seamless user experience. So it is a complete system that works with you all the way through the sales process, which saves you time and money.

Can I integrate my CRM with LifeBrain to pass leads into the quoter?

Yes! LifeBrain can integrate with most CRMs to pull lead data directly into your quoter. In addition, you can save quotes back to your CRM, have a complete history of what text and emails have been sent to clients and save application data to your CRM. Contact us  for a complete list of compatible CRMs.

What carriers can I quote and can I choose which of those carriers are quoted (some restrictions may apply per BGA)?

Accordia Life
American Home Life
American National
Ameritas Life
Assurity Life Insurance Company
AXA Equitable
Banner Life
Cincinnati Life Insurance Company
Columbus Life Insurance Company
Fidelity Life Association
Great Western
John Hancock
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Minnesota Life
Nassau Re
North American
Pacific Life Insurance Company
Principal National Life Insurance Company
Protective Life
Prudential Financial
Royal Neighbors
Sagicor Life Insurance Company
Security Mutual Life Insurance Company
Symetra Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Life Insurance Co.
United of Omaha

What is the monthly budget quoter?
The monthly budget quoter is an exclusive tool in LifeBrain. It allows you to input your customer’s maximum monthly budget and our proprietary algorithm brings back quotes that fit within that budget. This saves you a great deal of time in finding the perfect policy for your client.

Can I share quotes with my client?
Absolutely! You can quickly and easily send quotes for the policies you choose in a nicely formatted email or text in just a few clicks.  

Can I complete applications for policies within LifeBrain?
Yes. When signed up with a qualified BGA you can easily apply for policies without data entry, which saves you time, errors and money. Choose between eApps, Drop Tickets  and more per carrier. All quote data is conveniently passed directly into your iPipeline account making the sales process seamless from your CRM through to the application.

Can I quote different health classes, term lengths and face amounts in the quoter?
It couldn’t be easier and faster to run quotes for different health classes, term lengths and face amounts. You can choose multiple health classes, term lengths and face amounts in a single quote to find the best policy in the least amount of time. No longer do you have to run dozens of quotes, wasting your valuable time, like you have to do with other quoters.

What information do you provide about carriers in the quoter?
View and compare detailed information, including product descriptions, fees, special features, carrier contact information and our exclusive pros and cons for products. The pros and cons give you quick upsides and downsides for a given product.

Is LifeBrain mobile-friendly?
Yes, LifeBrain was built for agents on the go. Need to give a quote to a potential client away from the office?  Not a problem. Very easy to use on mobile devices.

My BGA wants to use LifeBrain.  What features do you offer for organizations?
LifeBrain is designed to work with organizations of all sizes. If you have a thousand agents or just a few, you can add agents to your account and manage those agents. Qualified BGAs can choose which carriers will be quoted and can integrate their CRM with LifeBrain to create a seamless sales experience from lead to application. Contact us to learn more about how LifeBrain can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.


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